Radical Film Network Unconference – Glasgow 2016

Rebecca Garrett and Liza Kim Jackson will be participating, as Mashed Economies, in the Radical Film Network Un-conference in Glasgow, 2016.

For the RFN unconference we are proposing the session topic: activist video making at the margins of the capitalist city for Saturday, April 30, 2016.

We look forward to connecting with others who work in community-based activist video with the goal of enacting just relations in a world of gross neglect. How can we mend the torn social fabric and build and express community resistance towards a different future?

Below are a selection of projects that contribute to this discussion. We propose to show brief clips and introduce the discussion with a few points relevant to this mode of working.

We are also scheming to do a guerilla outdoor screening… TBA


As individuals and together, Mashed Economies have been developing a social art practice that includes community-based activist video. We do this in the context of the urban margins understood as spaces of discipline and social abandonment (and its dimensions: colonial trauma, racialization, impoverishment, heteronormativity, disability and homelessness…). The video selection presented here indicate an approach to working in communities where self-representation of lived experience that shows creative vitality and endurance, is the working principle. We prioritize the aesthetics of self-representation: how people critique the world, work with technologies and other materials, express diverse embodiments, work over language forms and express our realities. This work seems to take on its own aesthetic , an aesthetic that is quite distinct. The goal of our work is to enact just relations in a world of gross neglect, to mend the torn social fabric, to build and express community towards a different future.


What World Do You Live In? (Dir. Rebecca Garrett, 2014, 1:33)


Dark Light (Mashed Economies, Hazel Bell Koski and the Monday Art Group, 2013, 2:23)


demolished (Marlene Bluebird Stickings and LK Jackson, 2015, 2:58)


test#1:cages (Test1Collective, 2015, 6:20)

Test1cages documentation

Test1cages documentation1

Test1cages documentation